Bakewell Pudding Shop
Art by Lisa Artliff

Artists Bio:

I am Lisa Artliff an artist in watercolour and coloured pencil crayon specialising in buildings and animals. I have been a graphic designer for more than 30 years and I have recently returned to my drawing roots, working with actual materials rather than a digital screen!

I love to draw or paint local landmarks, buildings, venues or houses.  I also enjoy painting or drawing a beloved pet portrait or capturing the spirit of wild animals.

Using my style I like to capture the characteristics of the original pet or building to let their personalities shine through on the page. My coloured pencil drawings are as detailed and controlled as my watercolours are as loose and suggestive.  I like to have the opportunity to work in both mediums as they each offer unique qualities that can bring the subject alive.

I am happy to sell any of my original artwork and I am available for commission work for that perfect gift of a bespoke piece for someone special. Contact me for more details or to ask about a commission.

Contact me for more details or to ask about a commission at 07790 038173