Belper East Mill
Dave Boardman

Artists Bio:

Capturing Moments Across Six Decades

Born and raised in Lancashire and having spent some years living and working in London, I settled in the beautiful Belper area about 20 years ago, and enjoy exploring the huge variety of photographic opportunities presented by the Derwent Valley and the Peak District. 

I first picked up a camera as a toddler, due to my dad’s interest in photography, but my own passion really ignited in the mid-1970s, with a Rollei Flex Twin-Lens Reflex camera, and 120 film. 

From those early days I have moved through Pentax, and particularly Nikon cameras, and from film and slides into the digital era, to develop my skills and learn how best to present my personal perspective on the world. 

Focus on Landscapes, Travel, and Motor Sports Photography

Throughout my photography career my lens has been particularly drawn to striking and majestic landscapes, especially in the Lake District and Scotland, the varied sights and individuals encountered when travelling abroad, both in bustling cities and tranquil rural spots, and the dynamic world of motor sports. 

With a passion for both two- and four-wheeled racing I have enjoyed major events at the Isle of Man, Goodwood, and Silverstone, but am more often to be found locally, at Darley Moor, Donington Park, or the Curborough Sprint Course.

Black and White 

Although many of my photographs are produced in colour, my personal preference is for black and white, with the greater subtleties of tone and mood that can generate. 

I also enjoy creating audio-visual shows, creating immersive experiences that go beyond the static image, blending the visuals with some of my favourite music.