Alakazam Grey Horse
Heidi Robinson

Artists Bio:

My love for art began when I was very young, my dad would ‘doodle’ and create amazing pictures from his mind. My uncle is also an amazing artist, though he hasn’t painted or drawn recently,  I always email my work in progress and the finished picture for him to critique.

My first love was horses and they have stayed a constant love of mine throughout my life. I left working with horses to become a hairdresser and salon owner, until 12 years ago when I became a carer for my husband’s mum who had Alzheimer’s, she sadly passed away 7 years ago, but it was during this time I found time to draw again as a release from stress.

I have been creative with photography, painting, sewing, and mixed media, but my true love is drawing. When I found coloured pencils I decided to settle and concentrate on doing what I love, creating pieces of art for people to enjoy.  I have pushed myself to try new techniques to accomplish unique finished pieces that capture the animal’s soul through their eyes, or expressions. I use a variety of colourfast pencils along with special papers to prevent fading through time and exposure to daily environments.