Monster Nip

Artists Bio:

    • Debyshire born local artist Monster Nip aka Nansy Ferrett-Paine completed her Design Crafts degree in 1999 and moved to Belper in 2003.

She quickly became involved with the local arts scene, helping to set up Caravan Arts, hosting Belper’s first arts trail and becoming involved with Fleets Arts as workshop leader.

In 2012 she became a self-employed artist working with acrylics.

In 2019 the cartoon character Twat Cat was born and during lockdown, Twat Cat released a cartoon a day and several amusing books. As our political situation worsened, Twat Cat became tired as the satire became reality.

When we can’t cope with the world, we turn to cats. And so the work of Monster Nip changed to these images of curiosity and joy.

In December 2022, Nansy became one of the founding members of The Cabin of Makers, a local arts collective based on Campbell Street. Now housing 13 permanent makers aswell as shelf renters and a monthly pop up space The Cabin goes from strength to strength.

In 2023, Nansy met Wendy Garvey and had the pleasure of illustrating her second children’s book, “What about the Road Toad?”

In 2017, Nansy and her husband, Markus Ferrett-Paine established Sonic Music Services, providing live entertainment at various events and venues in and around Belper including the Arts Trail.

Nansy continues to be involved with both Fleet Arts and the local music scene.