Birds and Bees
Morag Stevenson

Artists Bio:

My paintings are often inspired by plants and natural forms and I work mainly in acrylic on either board or canvas producing mainly still life and landscape. Strong elements of contrasting colour alongside pattern and texture are often a feature of my work. The still life paintings feature everyday objects, which I have collected, in domestic interiors but there is also an element of imagination as the paintings take on a life of their own through the painting process.

I develop the compositions initially with a plant in mind as the main focus and hope that through the positioning of objects and patterns together the viewer may find a connection to the imagery. Many incorporate natural forms such as birds, feathers, insects, stones, and an up-tilt of the picture plane and simplification of objects. These interior images are often contrasted with the outside world showing glimpses of landscape through windows which are always based on places I have visited and seen. I try to make my subjects colourful and bold depicting everyday plants which are grown in my garden that you would find almost anywhere and energising them with pattern and color. The landscape pictures are often favourite views from local walks or my allotment.