African Elephant Family at Treetops Watering Hole, Treetops Game Reserve, Nairobi, Africa
Steven Bradshaw

Artists Bio:

Hi! I’m Steven, I live in Derby with my family and have two gorgeous children, when I’m not photographing weddings I can usually be found spending time with the kids, drinking coffee, or playing guitar, I also sing a bit!

Photography is my passion and I absolutely love my job! I have spent my entire working life as a professional wedding photographer in the Derbyshire area. My photography career started straight out of school, with 8 years in Photo Journalism, and 6 as a senior staff photographer for The Yorkshire Evening Press, at the time one of the largest regional Newspapers in the UK.

Outside of my Wedding Photography work, I’ve always captured many landscapes, travel, and natural world Images. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Italy and Croatia extensively and traveled on a Safari earlier in my photography career. I also really enjoy macro photography and photographing English garden insects too!

Being involved with Arty will allow me to not only showcase some of my favourite private work and share it with the world, but the quality of the print work they produce is second to none! To think my work will be proudly presented as a stunning wall-hanging product on someone’s living room or workplace wall is a great feeling! And the fact I will earn from my work will allow me to continue to fund new equipment and projects and take more pictures!

I produce a varied body of work, some are sets from one theme or subject, for example, I have a set of black & white elephant images taken back in the 90s on slide film that I have scanned and post-produced, they have an old school artistic retro and grainy appeal that you don’t get these days with digital photography.

I also love to photograph landscapes and have an interesting set taken at Stone Henge late last year. I will be uploading many more one-off single-image works too from my travel photography adventures.

So excited to be part of Arti!