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Artist: Little Name Droppers

In This House We Do Autism

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Artwork Description:

Title: In This House We Do Autism

In This House, We Do Autism

This bright and colourful wall art celebrates Autism and all that it brings. It features the phrase “In This House, We Do Autism,” and is set against a vibrant background that captures the spectrum of Autism. The text encapsulates fun with playful fonts, adding a touch of personality and authenticity to the design.

Artist Bio:

Hi there! I'm Andy, a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for creating colourful and engaging artwork for kids of all ages. My signature style is characterised by bold animals, vibrant hues, and a playful, hand-drawn aesthetic that's sure to bring a smile to young faces.

I specialise in using pro-markers to bring my illustrations to life, allowing me to quickly layer intricate details and create depth with minimal drying time. This technique, honed during my HND in Graphic Design in Sheffield, has enabled me to produce a diverse range of projects, from photorealistic illustrations to rapid-fire storyboard sketches.

My signature series, "Little Name Droppers," emerged from a birthday gift I created for my niece in 2014. Beyond my animal illustrations, I also enjoy incorporating my graphic design skills into word art and mixed-media pieces. The result is a blend of creativity that reflects my love for both illustration and typography.

I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery of work.

All work in my gallery is exclusively available on Arti.