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Markeaton Park Bridge, Derby

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Artwork Description:

Title: Markeaton Park Bridge, Derby

Markeaton is a very special and popular park on the outskirts of Derby.  The Cutler Brook flows from Kedleston Hall to meet the Mackworth Brook in the park, this feeds the park lake and drains through the Markeaton Brook through the City of Derby and on to the River Derwent.  The presence of running water in the park attracts wildlife and visitors alike and I have many, very happy memories taking my children across this bridge and around the grounds.

Oil on wooden panel.

Artist Bio:
Working quickly with a fountain pen, waterproof ink and watercolour, Tom captures views of cafes, city streets and rural views in an urban sketch style.  Some of these are worked into larger pictures back in the studio using pen and wash or oil.  Sometimes an image demands to be painted and battles a path via sketches and photographs to be released from just an idea to become a finished piece of work.

Tom has always been fascinated by our impact on the landscape and started sketching the urban environment of cafes, railway stations and airports while travelling for work.  Now Tom can often be found sketching and painting in and around Derby and enjoys chatting to onlookers about art techniques, the history of local buildings or where to find the best coffee and cake.