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Mermaid Kisses – Darker Skintone

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Artwork Description:

Title: Mermaid Kisses – Darker Skintone

With four young granddaughters who adore all things mermaid, it’s no surprise that these mystical creatures were begging to be drawn!

I created this artwork specifically to adorn their bedroom walls, where it adds a touch of magic to their space. However, her beauty is too captivating not to share with others.

In this enchanting piece, a graceful mermaid takes centre stage, surrounded by a vibrant aquatic world teeming with flora, playful sea creatures, and shimmering bubbles. The colors are bright and lively, making it a perfect fit for the diverse colour schemes that little girls often choose for their bedrooms.

I chose bright jewel colours with a touch of gold on her scales, plus lots of texture and detail. This version has darker skin, I also have a light skin version for you to choose from. As the Grandad to a little one with part Indian heritage I know how important it is to be inclusive.

Whether it’s the focal point of a whimsical sea-themed room or a delightful accent in any space, this artwork is sure to bring a burst of joy and colour to any wall it graces.

Artist Bio:
Artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer based in a cosy studio nestled in Yorkshire, England.