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Remembrance Boots Collection – Red Poppy

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Artwork Description:

Title: Remembrance Boots Collection – Red Poppy

This collection of artwork holds a deeply personal significance for me. As an enthusiastic family historian, I’ve delved into the stories of ancestors who were casualties of both World Wars, hailing from various corners of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Each piece in this collection serves as a poignant memorial to them and to all the courageous servicemen, women and animals across the globe who have selflessly served their countries in times of conflict.

Through this artwork, I aim to celebrate the lives of these individuals and honour the sacrifices they and their families made for the greater good. It’s a tribute to their resilience, bravery, and unwavering commitment to duty.

Artist Bio:
Artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer based in a cosy studio nestled in Yorkshire, England.