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A Little Bit of Hope

Artists Bio:

Hey! I’m Hope, a 20-something-year-old who is lucky enough to be sandwiched neatly between the South Downs and the sea.

If I could sum myself up as concisely as possible (which probably is still quite waffley) it would be a concoction of cuddly animals, an oat latte accompanied by a walk in muddy boots, charity shop nosing with Nan, video gaming, all topped off with a massive dollop of colourful, creative goodness, and curly brown hair!

The art you see on my page is from my children’s picture books – I’m heavily inspired by animals and bright colours, but I’m also partial to a glorious building or two, and botanicals. I’ve always tried to draw in styles that weren’t very “me”, so now I do and that style is a little messy, but I finally feel like I’ve found my home in illustration.

My books aim to empower adults to raise lovely little humans who embrace and celebrate the differences of both themselves and the people around them, with lots of bright colours (and quite possibly dogs or another type of animal) thrown in for good measure!