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Artist: A Little Bit of Hope

Nature-Loving Hiking Dogs Print

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Artwork Description:

Title: Nature-Loving Hiking Dogs Print

A Little Bit of Hopeā€™s Nature-Loving Hiking Dogs art print šŸƒ

Do you love to trek across hills, mountains, or stoney beaches? So do these doggos! ā›°ļø

Perfect addition to children’s bedrooms (big or small šŸ‘€) and dog, and nature lovers alike šŸ„³

Print is from my Children’s Picture book “We Are Sunshine, Rainbows, and All the Inbetweens” a book for the little people of the world that shines a light on how gloriously different we all are and aims to empower adults to raise lovely pint-sized-humans who embrace and celebrate the differences of both themselves and the people around them!

Art is created in West Sussex šŸƒšŸŒŠ

Artist Bio:

Hey! Iā€™m Hope, a 20-something-year-old who both writes and illustrates children's picture books. I love bright colours, spreading kindness, and animals (if you can't tell from my art!)