Cancho n’Targant
Aileen Robertson

Artists Bio:

I have always enjoyed walking and climbing in the hills and mountains. I grew up on the edge of the North York Moors, and spent a lot of time out walking in the local area. Along with family holidays in the highlands of Scotland, this led to a love of being outdoors in all weathers and inspired an interest in trying to capture the changing light and moods in the wild places. In the last few years I moved to Cumbria to be closer to the hills.

I work mainly in watercolour, as I love its translucent qualities which help me to portray the light in the hills, and the feeling of freedom I experience wandering in the mountains. Recently I have been using maps as a background for painting the places I love. There is an artistic quality to the contours of the map, and maps for me have always represented a possibility for adventure and exploring.