Atmospheric trees

Artists Bio:

I have always been creative, but only recently considered sharing my art with those outside of my friends and family.

I did GCSE art and didn’t really pick up a paintbrush for years afterwards, I have made every greeting card I have sent for over a decade alongside a personalised poem and I still have a few notebooks with all the poems in them.

When I started to struggle with card ideas, I printed out my favourite photos and put them on cards. I try hard to only send cards I have made myself or buy cards from other artists.

During lockdown, my artist friend started some art groups and I went along and realised I could get lost in painting/drawing and it was great for calming myself during the stressful pandemic. We went on to do Inktober, where you do a drawing a day, based on a key word. You really have to use your imagination and you don’t have a lot of time to do each one. I did some great ones, and some I would be embarrassed to share! Since then, I have painted several cards and paintings to go on the wall for friends and even had a few commissions.

I got inspired to sell some of it when I created a painting of the New Bath Hotel Lido, in Matlock Bath, based on a photo I took one spring day and people really liked it! I sold it as postcards to the hotel and members requested prints for their walls. That’s when I met Dean, founder of Arti and printer of my cards and prints. My art portfolio is small because so much was done for individuals but I hope that it will grow. I prefer to work from photos when I draw/paint – I’ve not fully grasped perspective otherwise as some plein air (outdoor) painting confirmed!

I also love taking photos on my travels to share. I fell in love with my SLR camera while on safari in Africa and have included some photos from my travels there and elsewhere. I hope my work brings a little joy to some of you who see it!