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Artist: BexPix

Monument Valley, Arizona, USA

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Artwork Description:

Title: Monument Valley, Arizona, USA

In 2012 I was unhappy in my job. I went on my first ever group trip around some Indian Lands and Canyon in the USA. Monument Valley was one of the stops. I loved the trip and the friendly fellow travelers. It made me realise how unhappy I was and I resigned from my job the following week. I have this photo in my guest room wall. I love the feeling of being in spiritual places like this and this image reminds me of a beautiful place, the history of America and the amazing people who were there from the start, as well as the huge change in my life that followed. I also love the contrast of blue sky and orange ground.

Artist Bio:
Becky Morley. Line and wash. Acrylic painting. Phototography. Inspired by the outdoors and travel. Often uses photographs as stimuli for art.