Claire Kilner Art

Artists Bio:

This artist was born in Hertfordshire, but made in the Peak District. My education was not art-based, and the various threads of my career have spanned many surprising areas. But here in the Peak District, where I have been living for the last 15 years, I feel whole.

I am Claire Kilner: painting is in my blood, but the inspiration is in the world all around me. I love the light in the stillness of early morning and the heart-rending beauty of sunset; I thrive on the excitement of windswept skies, and the drama of the bright landscape against brooding storm clouds; I long for the rising sap of spring and the long shadows of autumn; I revel in the reduced colour palette of winter.

I work mostly in my studio from photographs taken when out walking. I am a natural oil-painter, although a sensitvity to solvents means that at the moment I am working largely in acrylics. I’m mulling the way forwards, though, so watch this space!