Coffee Days
E Arnold Fine Art

Artists Bio:

Emily Arnold is a British photographer and printmaker with a particular interest in the alternative photographic process of cyanotype. She graduated from Loughborough University with a First-Class degree in Fine Art in 2018 and has since been continuing her fine art explorative practice, alongside running a commercial art business and teaching cyanotype workshops, dispersed with part-time jobs as well.

While in her element exploring the countryside for ruined buildings and or foraging for new plants, either to eat or to create art with, she also takes an interest in urban areas, the peoples’ history and the ways that culture and buildings have changed over time. Her work is characterized by a fascination with traces, ruins, memory and the history around us, or in contrast, a new avenue of her art practice focusses on her captivation with the natural world and newfound love of botanicals and the edible and medicinal properties of plants.

With her camera, Emily enjoys capturing the beauty in nature through the seasons, whilst also looking at interesting compositions in the urban landscape. She can also be found exploring abandoned buildings and taking photos of objects left behind.