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What’s Up?

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Artwork Description:

Title: What’s Up?

Otter on alert. Such wonderful and joyful creatures. I took this photo at London Zoo, and could have stayed for hours watching their antics. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them in the wild yet.

Cyanotype is an alternative (camera-less) photographic process using an iron-based chemical solution that is sensitive to UV light. Objects and photo negatives are placed on the coated surface and exposed to sunlight or artificial UV light source to create beautiful and ephemeral images.

Artist Bio:
Emily is a fine artist with a special interest in the traditional photography process of cyanotype, making iconic blue images from her own photographs and pressed botanicals.

With her camera, Emily enjoys capturing the beauty in nature through the seasons, and can be found exploring abandoned buildings and picking flowers and leaves to press for her art. As well as taking inspiration from nature, she also explores memory and nostalgia in her work.