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Totally Tangerine

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Artwork Description:

Title: Totally Tangerine

Totally Tangerine was inspired by some gorgeous Geums of that name given to me by my friend for my birthday. They’re such pretty, delicate flowers with lovely shaped leaves. Perfect summer colour.

This is one of my Wild Garden Collection paintings created using alcohol based ink pens onto Yupo paper with splashes of 91% isopropyl alcohol to create bleed and flow within the inks.

Artist Bio:

My name’s Karen Johnson and I'm the Derby based artist behind Millie Moth. Inspired by my wild garden, my work falls into 2 styles - one uses alcohol inks to paint vibrant flowers, and the other is created digitally using elements of my paintings, drawings and isolated photographic images. My work is full of colour and I aim to convey the happiness I feel when I’m around flowers and foliage. There is such a wealth of life in every small growing space and I try to capture that beauty and vigour by injecting a little wildness and joy into every piece.