Aristos Achaion
Lydia Ridley

Artists Bio:

Hi! I’m Lydia, an 18 year old aspiring artist based in South Yorkshire. Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember, constantly drawing everything that interested me: primarily people, which still holds true to this day. Now that I have finished my education, I have the time to focus on fulfilling my desire to transform my artistic endeavours into a career. In doing so, I hope to share my art with the world and perhaps make an impact on some of my viewers. I work primarily in both traditional and digital mediums – ranging from acrylic and oils, pencil and pen, and digital paintings.

Much of my work is inspired by the Baroque period with a focus on ancient/mythological tales or aesthetics, particularly surrounding Greek mythology. My love for history and literature is one of the most significant driving forces behind my artwork. I have an intense adoration for all things rooted in antiquity and dramatics, which is reflected in what I create.

One of the things I enjoy most when crafting a piece is dramatising and reconstructing historical/mythological events both visually and conceptually, with my intention being not to create an exact and wholly accurate representation of how these would look but instead an exaggerated and more thespian recreation. Despite my work being realistic in style, I am personally not interested in prioritising complete realism over my own artistic interpretation, which is a significant factor behind much of my pieces. I aim to create dramatic and theatric visuals that blend rendered realism with symbolic abstraction in order to convey a glimpse into a story.

My artwork is intended to encapsulate a classical feel, whilst simultaneously drawing from the modern world surrounding us.