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The Death of Achilles II

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Artwork Description:

Title: The Death of Achilles II

The death of tragic hero Achilles from Greek Mythology, after being shot by the arrow of Paris in his only area of vulnerability.

Within this painting, my intention was to portray a tragic and more theatrical recreation of one of the most renowned moments in mythology and the ultimate culmination to the story of Achilles. In focusing on this, I aimed to create a scene showcasing the inherent fateful yet catastrophic conclusion to his life due to his hamartia. The framing of this piece emanates a sense of what is perhaps a regretful acceptance to his circumstances, which were indeed inevitable, yet had a chain of hubristic actions that triggered his own death.

Despite the realistic style, one of the things I enjoy most is dramatising and reconstructing historical/mythological events both visually and conceptually. This is evident in the physique, clothing, and overall setting of the piece, as my intention is not to create an exact and wholly accurate representation of how this event would look but instead an exaggerated and more thespian recreation. Ultimately, this stems from my love for Baroque art – particularly Caravaggio – which serves as my main inspiration for the majority of my pieces and my artistic aspirations.

To me, this painting is a constant flow of tragedy – a mixture of anger, shame, regret, and defeat; the unavoidable and unwanted prophesied fate over a life that could not live freely.

Artist Bio:
I am an 18 year old artist based in South Yorkshire, England with a passion for creating and showcasing my own original works. I work primarily in both traditional and digital mediums - ranging from acrylic and oils, pencil and pen, and digital paintings.

Much of my work is inspired by the Baroque period with a focus on Ancient and mythological tales or aesthetics, particularly Greek. My artwork is intended to encapsulate a classical feel, whilst simultaneously drawing from the modern world surrounding us.