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Artist: Lydia Ridley

Between Lions and Men

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Artwork Description:

Title: Between Lions and Men

“Hektor, I’ll have no talk of pacts with you,
forever unforgiven as you are.
As between men and lions there none…”
– The Iliad by Homer, Book 22, Page 523

This artwork is an exploration of the pride and rage felt by Achilles following the death of his companion Patroclus which culminates in his meeting with Hector, where in Homer’s The Iliad Achilles is so overcome with emotion that he metaphorically becomes the beastly lion that Homer constantly compared him to through similes up until this point. The piece is largely inspired by the line, “There can be no covenants between men and lions,” which Achilles says to Hector in his meeting with him, completely identifying himself with the lion and as a fully separate entity to Hector. Through focusing on this area of the myth, I explored the rage and grief of Achilles that turns him into a shell of himself and can be argued as the true moment of his downfall rather than his death – as the loss of Patroclus causes him to completely lose himself.


Artist Bio:
I am an 18 year old artist based in South Yorkshire, England with a passion for creating and showcasing my own original works. I work primarily in both traditional and digital mediums - ranging from acrylic and oils, pencil and pen, and digital paintings.

Much of my work is inspired by the Baroque period with a focus on Ancient and mythological tales or aesthetics, particularly Greek. My artwork is intended to encapsulate a classical feel, whilst simultaneously drawing from the modern world surrounding us.