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Aquatic Bliss

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Artwork Description:

Title: Aquatic Bliss

I love swimming outside and the sea always thrills me. The way the waves crash over my head, the beautiful changing colours and fluffy foam, as well as water droplets flying into my face, always gives me huge pleasure. Running into crashing waves on a sunny day is always a thrill. The energy of the sea leaves me in awe! This picture is a small representation of the constant movement and changing shapes you see in the surf. It’s an expression of the joy I find whether afloat or merely walking beside the sea. The overriding colour here is a beautiful turquoise, combined with a lovely greeny aqua, reminiscent of seaweed. Lighter splashes and bubbles are represented as white and silver grey.

This was painted on circular waterproof paper with alcohol inks and I used a combination of brushwork and blowing the ink as well as manipulating the paper by hand, to create the movement in the picture. Because alcohol inks dry so quickly I add further alcohol or blending solution tp give me more time to work,


Artist Bio:
I paint vibrant and quirky nature-inspired abstracts, uplifting landscapes, effervescent still lifes, as well as, fantasy worlds, planets and waterscapes. I use primarily alcohol-based inks on Yupo or Nara paper, which is waterproof, enabling the inks to move around. Inks are a fluid medium, although I occasionally branch out into some mixed-media artwork. My art captures moments of joy, peace and reflection in the world around me.