Aquatic Bliss
Rhoda Lynne

Artists Bio:

I am a Derby-based artist, with three grown-up children and ten grandchildren.  My artistic journey began relatively late in life, having worked as a teacher and brought up my family. I have always been creative, although I started painting as an effort to lift my spirits and improve my own well-being. I still find it hard to believe that so many people are enjoying the art I create, but they are and I’ll take that.

At school, I was told I would never be an artist. As a result, I lost confidence in my artistic abilities. I realise now that I found it difficult to stick to the rules and wanted to be more autonomous in my creativity. I was a gifted musician, so most of my spare time was spent practicing, as well as teaching others clarinet or recorder. Once I left home, my love of creativity and learning new skills was nurtured within my home, which became my art studio and my canvas. My children loved making things (as do my grandchildren), whether baking, painting, crafting or gardening (digging up the garden to be accurate) so I had a ready audience for my crafty endeavours.

During lockdown, I  challenged myself about the artistic limitations placed upon me and began to learn how to use watercolour paints, as well as attempting to become more confident in drawing. Next, I moved on to alcohol inks, which had sparked my curiousity, although I knew nothing about them.  As a perfectionist, I did find it difficult that I couldn’t entirely control the inks, but I have learned to love this quality and embrace it. The vibrant colours, versatility and unpredictability of inks, never fail to bring me pleasure.  It’s great to experiment, and play with new techniques. I feel I am constantly learning something. 

So here I am. After much encouragement and support from family and friends, I am sharing the art I love creating. I want to enable other people to find their inner artist, even when, like me, they have felt unable to express their creativity previously. To this end, I can offer workshops and demonstrations; as you’d expect these have been trialled by family and friends already! Whatever your age you are never too young or old to find your inner creative.