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Artist: Rhoda Lynne

Shimmering Evening

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Artwork Description:

Title: Shimmering Evening

Everyone loves a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the glorious colours of the sky and reflection on the landscape around about are often breathtaking. Locally there is a lake I often walk beside with my dog, at the day’s end. It isn’t busy and my reward is often a beautiful sunset and the sense of tranquility that often accompanies the end of a day. In this painting, snow is falling, which does present a rather chilly feel in my mind.

This piece is unusual in that it is painted on square waterproof paper, which I rarely use. I used mainly brushes and additional isopropanol to assist the movements of the alcohol inks, as I worked. The snow is depicted with alcohol spray and silver greys which I had great fun splattering on with a loaded brush. Clouds are created by encouraging the inks to blend, by tilting the paper in different directions.

Artist Bio:
I paint vibrant and quirky nature-inspired abstracts, uplifting landscapes, effervescent still lifes, as well as, fantasy worlds, planets and waterscapes. I use primarily alcohol-based inks on Yupo or Nara paper, which is waterproof, enabling the inks to move around. Inks are a fluid medium, although I occasionally branch out into some mixed-media artwork. My art captures moments of joy, peace and reflection in the world around me.