A Corner of the Beach
Jo Higgins

Artists Bio:

I try to capture a special place or feeling, one for which I have an emotional attachment.  The Peak District has always been an inspiration, with its distant patchwork and contrasting rocks.  The sea, especially the Cornish coast has been a big influence in my work too.

I enjoy working within what some might see as a restricting small square.  I like to think my images are “little windows” onto special places or objects.  The small image surrounded by a much larger frame almost becomes a little gem.  For me, the smallness gives the image status, drawing the viewer in.  It’s a huge compliment when I see viewers doing that, being pulled into one of my windows on the world, wanting to take a much closer look.

Although my pictures appear photographic, they are handcrafted, being built up with mixed media – pencils, paints and inks.  I’d like to think the detail and richness shine through in my images.

Photography plays a major role in how I visualize my subjects.  I use the camera to capture aspects of landscape and composition, which in turn is used in my painting.  Photographs are far more than just about recording a moment in time.  It’s about making an image with the camera and having the ability to envision the final result in a piece of work, whether a photograph or a painting.

I also enjoy creating images through double exposure in the camera.

This started from a totally unexpected incident when photographing The Chevin Ridge in Otley, Leeds.

Whilst taking the shot I slipped and the camera took two pictures.  I thought the second photograph looked quite interesting so I overlaid both to produce one image.  I named it “Otley Blur”.

Since then I’ve created many more double exposure prints.  Some show two photographs of the same place but others are two images from totally separate places.  I enjoy combining the atmosphere of the sky with the solidity of land, it seems to create a new, somewhat ethereal place.